Easter Flowers

Easter Flowers

Shop for April 17th with our curated Easter Collection of pastel flowers and colorful bouquets.
Shop for April 17th with our curated Easter Collection of pastel flowers and colorful bouquets.
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    Easter Flower Delivery

    Explore our beautiful collection of Easter flowers to enhance all of your holiday celebrations this spring. Choose among designer bouquets, dried arrangements, and green plants to create the ideal gift for Easter.

    Traditional Easter Flowers

    If you want to stick to the tried and true, we have plenty of options for you. Lilies are the most iconic of the Easter season. Any arrangement with this flower is a sensible gift for any faith-based gathering this spring. The lily symbolizes purity and rebirth — the two main themes of Easter, so you can never have too much of this stem in your decorations and gifts. Lilies come in many different colors and species so that you always have unique options to choose from. Here are a few of our favorite lilies for Easter:

    • Calla Lilies: These flowers have a single petal that folds into a distinctive tiered “fluted” shape. It creates a refreshing break from multi-petaled flowers while giving off a wonderful scent.
    • Asiatic Lilies: This species has many spear-like petals shooting out from its base. It has a fluttery appearance that is excellent for creating extra texture and volume in bouquets.

    Colorful Bouquets

    It’s also a great idea to integrate the fresh, bright colors of spring into your Easter bouquet. White lilies, pink carnations, blush spray roses, and ranunculus in shades of marmalade and purple are just a taste of what’s in store when you explore our Easter collection. You’ll find all the vibrant colors to match the festive decorations and Easter eggs, streamers, and decorative baskets that are expected on this special day.

    Customize Your Gift

    To make your Easter bouquet even more meaningful, attach a personalized message and order an additional gift like a scented candle or chocolates. You may also add a vase or swap a default vase with something different like the Gold Tegan Vase. Soft white ceramic vases are also excellent for enhancing bold-colored bouquets, drawing the eye to the many types of stems and foliage above.

    Easter Bouquets Delivered to Your Door

    It’s always a good idea to set up a delivery for Easter arrangements early to secure your product and delivery time slot. Thankfully, checkout is easy and fast! Once you plug in your information, the rest is on us. With so many choices for Easter gifts, the hardest part will be to decide which one to give!